The Children’s Activities Association 

Did you know there are no statutory guidelines in place for those who lead children’s activities; anyone can set up a children’s activity without any qualifications, DBS or insurance.

The health, safety and wellbeing of the child has always been paramount for Sensory Time UK. Before we started we ensured that we had sufficient policies and procedures in place. In 2016, we were awarded gold accreditation by the Children’s Activities Association, demonstrating the quality and significance of our provision and the levels that we had gone to and will continue to meet to ensure excellence.

The CAA slogan is ‘giving parent peace of mind’ a phrase that is reflected through each and every Sensory Time Class; From completing risk assessments, to planning and delivery.

All Sensory Time Class leaders have up to date first aid, DBS checks, insurance and have completed Sensory Time Academy; certified by CPD. This ensures that the information they impart to others is accurate and up to date. Sensory Time UK encourages all class leaders to participate in continued professional development days as part of their commitment to providing an outstanding provision for children and families.


Kirsty Rayner  – Sensory Time Practitioner Burnham On Sea Somerset

I have a level five degree in early years and completed Sensory Time Academy in 2015. I am passionate about ensuring I provide an outstanding provision, playing an active role in children’s learning and development. It is our ethos at Sensory Time to provide opportunities for all children to learn, develop and grow, and as such we facilitate this through providing a safe, enabling environment in which all children can thrive.
We continually seek ways to create advanced learning experiences through an environment which encourages child led exploration.

Why we are a part of the CAA

We are very proud to be part of the CAA and to be recognised for our efforts through our Gold Accreditation.
Sensory Time UK sought to become part of the CAA to further demonstrate to parents not only the quality of our provision, but the importance of having recognised qualifications, policies and procedures in place for the wellbeing of the child. As part of the CAA we are able to reassure parents that relevant health and safety checks are in place for the welfare of both children and their carer’s. It also evidences that our policies are effective and that all class leaders have received relevant, appropriate training and have up to date DBS checks along with insurance.


Together with the CAA we can safeguard the children that we meet and set standards for all children’s activities providers.



Sensory Time UK  has met and will continue to meet a comprehensive code of practice for the benefit of parents, children and our class leaders.

It is our responsibility as practitioners to ensure we take all appropriate measures to provide a safe, enabling environment for children. We are proud to shout about our gold accreditation and will endeavour to encourage other children’s activities providers to get on board.

It not only provides us as class leaders with the confidence that we have done everything we can, but also allows parents to feel confident when choosing us an activity provider for their children.

The CAA facilitates Sensory Time UK in providing quality assurance.



To find out more about the Children’s Activities Association visit their website  or contact Sensory Time UK