Sensory Time UK is a Gold Accredited, National Finalist 2016 children’s activity provider.

Sensory Time UK Classes are an opportunity for your child to explore all 5 senses in a safe and enabling environment.

Classes are pre-planned with a key focus on developing senses, but cover many areas of a child’s learning and development.

Class Leaders have experience working alongside the Early Years Foundation Stage which sets standards for children’s learning development and care. Read More

Our Classes

Sensory Time UK Classes provide your child with opportunities that allow them to Learn, develop and grow using various tools, materials and mark making activities combined with music and movement. Our classes have a different theme every week and incorporate special events and celebrations such as Christmas, Mother’s Day and Chinese New Year.

Sensory Time UK classes provide your child with a developing sense of routine. We offer weekly classes, which always have the same floor plan and design to offer continuity. Our classes start with a warm welcome and singing before child led exploration begins.

Your child has the freedom to choose what they play with and when. Where possible resources are used that are either edible or safe if they put it into their mouths, which they all do ☺ and is a natural part of discovery. Evidence shows that play is a central influence on a child’s happiness and wellbeing and impacts on their health and future life chances (Play England, 2011)

Sensory Time UK offers unique classes that are suitable from 3 months+. By combining age groups, Siblings can join classes, providing further opportunity to explore together as well as meet and socialise with other children.

Sensory Fun!

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Accredited Providers

Sensory Time UK is accredited by the Children’s Activities Association and KalliKids. This is one of many factors that set us apart from other activity providers, we have gone above and beyond to meet all compliances in order to ensure that not only do we provide outstanding classes, but that we train all staff competently in order that they can provide the same level of service.