Sensory Time Runs Throughout The Holidays


Sensory Time classes run throughout the school holidays, subject to Bank Holidays and Christmas Holidays  Please note classes must be booked and prepaid for these sessions. Please read our Terms & Conditions

Summer Term

Week Commencing 3rd July- 31st July 5 weeks

Join us for our summer term at Sensory Time. Exploring a range of media and materials that will challenge the imagination, tickle the taste buds, and allow children to learn develop and grow through multi-sensory exploration; ending our Summer Term on a fabulous celebration day!

Term 1

This 5 week summer term features a variety of weekly themes for your little one to explore from seaside adventures to colour explosions . Each one hour session incorporates parachute play, music and movement, treasure baskets, dark tent and a range of multi-sensory messy play resources.

Summer Term

Week 1- 3rd                        

Rainbow Dark Play- Explore the lights, feel the silky colours & textures. Go under the rainbow and explore shapes & sounds. Blow the clouds away and watch the rainbow appear.

Week 2- 10th

Fairy Play- Wiggle your fingers & toes in our giant cupcake, decorate with feathers, icing paints. Explore your magical fairy cupcake surroundings, balloons filled with magical fairy dust, climb the toad stall and see the fairies.

Week 3 17th

Space- gaze at the stars, create your own planets and experience the wonder of space dough and moon dust.

Week 4 24th

Pond fun!- come and see what’s in our pond, find the speckled frogs, fishies and ducks. Squishy welly fun!

Week 5 31st

Body Paints- Stomp your way across the floor painting as you go. Roll around make your mark!