Sensory Time UK began at the home of Hayley Azzopardi, a mother of four, one of whom is on the Autistic Spectrum.
14 years ago, Autistic Spectrum Disorder was not socially accepted in the way that it is today, so Hayley found her own ways to enrich her son’s life through sensory play. Hayley used this to aid the development of other children locally and ran a village group using her ideas.

Playing since 2014

Sensory Time UK was then launched in 2014. Sensory Play has always been a significant part of her children’s lives, it is therapeutic, aids language and communication, fine and gross motor skills.
Hayley felt that there was a need for a safe enabling environment that supported children through child-led exploration. Research, planning, knowledge and experience were combined to create a class that would succeed in promoting children’s learning and development through Sensory Play. .

Our Philosophy

Since 2014 Sensory Time UK has flourished and multiplied; What began with one class in a village hall is now aiding children across the UK. Hayley enjoys the advocacy in play that was Plato in 427 B.C.
“Enforced learning will not stay in the mind. So avoid compulsion and let your children’s lessons take the form of play.”


“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.” - Fred Donaldson

Sensory Time offers children opportunity to learn new skills and expand on what they already know.



Ninety percent of critical brain development occurs in the first five years of life. Early Childhood experiences reflect the person we become. We not only encourage children to develop the senses but to develop in all areas; developing relationships, sense of routine and life skills.



Great oaks from little acorns grow- Great things come from small beginnings.

As adults, it is our responsibility to provide children with the foundations to grow. Sensory Time offers a variety of tools and materials alongside a safe, enabling environment in which every child can flourish.

“Are we forming children who are only capable of learning what is already known? Or should we try to develop creative and innovative minds, capable of discovery from the preschool age on, throughout life?” -Jean Piaget

See Us Play!

Just a few pictures from our Sensory Time UK classes.

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