Links to the Early Years Foundation Stage

The focus of each and every session at Sensory Time UK is on development of all 5 senses. We emphasise the fact that our classes are child led which allows for the freedom of exploration through play.
We strive to provide activities that are visually appealing to actively encourage each child to explore independently.
Whilst this is the main focus of Sensory Time UK, every session allows for children to develop in many ways. Some example of these are demonstrated below, we use some aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage as a guidance tool when planning, alongside the most important tool- The Child’s Voice. .

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Sensory activities such as sand and water play, gloop, mud and paint are great for children’s development. By observing a child engaging in such activity you can easily identify personality, individual interest and behaviour.

Our classes enable each child to build on existing relationships and form new friendships, by playing with and alongside others.

Communication & Language

During Sensory Time UK we use language to describe texture to encourage children to explore and develop their use of language e.g. soft, smooth, cold, and rough.

Children may use babbling as a form of communication to express how they feel such as happiness or discomfort. Some may play without communication as they focus intently on the activity.


Many of our activities involve problem solving and calculation. We provide opportunity to identify shapes and patterns as well as sorting activities. We have hide and seek cards to enable children to understand that things exist even when out of sight.

Each session has songs to suit the theme; these include songs with numbers and counting.

Physical Development

Sensory activities such as those that include malleable or mark making resources, enable children to develop and strengthen both fine and gross motor skills.

Our classes include music and movement encouraging children to jump, crawl, clap, hop, etc.


Mark making activities such as paints, chalks and sand allow children to develop their literacy skills. Children enjoy making marks and begin to give meaning to the marks they make.

Understanding The World

The activities provided allow children to develop their understanding of the world around them, from observing others to following routine. Babies can explore objects and make sense of how things work e.g. realising that when shaken the object will make a noise.

Our resources that promote this include musical instruments and sensory bottles.

Expressive Arts & Design

The wide range of media and resources that we provide allows each child to explore and experiment using their whole body.

Music and movement encourages children to move their whole body, create sounds with instruments and imitate and improvise actions such as clapping and waving.

Our parachute play is used alongside dancing and ring games, to allow children to express themselves through physical action and sound.