Child Led Exploration

Child Led exploration is exactly as the name suggests, providing opportunities in which a child is  in control of their own play and exploration. There are no guidelines on how a child should play, what they should play with or for how long. It is all about the freedom to be able to do whatever they like in order to achieve optimum learning and development.

 At Sensory Time we simply provide the foundations for each child to Learn Develop & Grow at their own pace and within their own comfort zone.

 Every child is unique, they all develop at different ages and stages. By encouraging child led exploration children are able to engage and become engrossed in unrestricted play.

 Child led activities allow a child to independently gather information from their environment through touch, taste, sight, sound and smell. The parent/carer role is to simply watch and wait as they discover and explore.

Children are able to engage in their own patterns of play without adult instigation. This doesn’t mean that parents/carer cannot participate in child led play but it is up to the child to invite the adult in for support if required. 

The Parent/carer can play an active role in their child’s learning (Vygotsky, 1962). The Scaffolding approach (Wood, et al 1976) enables the parent/carer to assist their child to further develop their skills. This approach recognises what the child can do independently, what they can’t do and what they can do when aided by an adult or peer.

Simply being present, watching and listening facilitates a child to explore and engage from the comfort and security of their parent/carer, safe in the knowledge that you are readily available for support if need be.

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